Website Baby-Steps

It’s always an adventure when doing something new, or at least in a different way. For example, I’ve had an internal wiki and wordpress site (for development and thought tracking) for a while, hosted on my own local server. That was nice, but due to some overzealous “I don’t need any of that anymore” deletion, and moving hard drives between computers – it’s now all gone. Not a big deal, but a little sad.

To compare the scope of how upset I am, I’d say it is like losing track of a favorite book because you’ve already read it. “Sure, you wanna borrow it? No problem.”  Six months down the road, when you want some information from it, and the book isn’t there.

So, to prevent that from happening again, I finally decided to jump into “the big pond” and register my own domain name and set up a “real” website. In the coming few days I’ll make some posts on my progress and note some differences between a local host vs. a “real” web hosting company.

Just so those of you out there don’t think I was weird in having a local intranet, a large portion of the internet is actually “darknet” – that is, something similar to my old set-up. This includes corporate websites (that are only accessible on LAN), sensitive data (that is inaccessible to search engines either by robots.txt or some other manner), and hidden services/websites (sites not hosted on port 80, Tor, etc.). So, what I was doing was actually pretty common. If, when not at home, I needed to edit or view information on the site, I’d just forward the port via “ssh,” and be good to go.

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