Allen Biehle – Searching for an Intelligent Advantage

People who know me may find the name of my website to be out of character (the website is titled “An Intelligent Advantage”). This is not because my friends find me unintelligent but because the title is uncharacteristically egotistical.

The truth is that the title of this site comes not from ego but from aspiration. You could say I’m searching for an “Intelligent Advantage” in life – one that will help me move on in such a fashion that it not only increase my knowledge but also my well being.

That said, you will find everything on this site that amuses me, entices me, informs me and I feel is important. You’ll find my resume, writings on Linux, links, and maybe even a calendar.

I hope by browsing this site you find not only that Intelligence and Knowledge are things that everyone should strive for, but also that they are things I strive for myself.

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