Massive changes

So, I know I promised many updates, but time does fly, doesn’t it? It’s now been over 3 years since I updated this site.

Honestly, I think that having a website like this has been useful and I really do want to keep it up to date. With a 9:30-6pm job, though, how is one supposed to find time to keep things like this updated? I’m going to try publishing things on a best effort basis (whenever I feel like it, years from now or not).

What am I doing now in 2014? I’m working for a Japanese company named Rakuten and living in Tokyo. I’m spending my time pushing many of my personal servers to the cloud (no space for a server rack in my apartment). I’ve signed up for github instead of rolling my own onprem solution. From that, I’ll do git pulls into personal servers that are managed by puppet. In this way, I can stop having to configure my own environment (though, to be honest, I’ve always tried to be productive in the bare minimum for flexibility). Related to that thought, recently, I’ve stumbled upon some of my old friends’ githubs and personal websites, and the progress they’ve made in their own technical development dwarfs mine. I think this is primarily because they’re always building on their configuration (and experience) while I spend too much time rebuilding base configs.

I think I can stop wasting my time on that kind of base rebuild, and I’ll be more productive and my setup will be more reliable anyway.

I’m also utilizing Microsoft Azure to do testing on new ubuntu builds, Windows Server 2012 R2 builds, and finally, even though I’m sticking with nearly free speech (even though I haven’t heard of any new pricing despite the plummeting cost of competitors), I am considering my options. A website like mine (with almost no storage requirements, no updates, etc.) should be really be practically free to host.

Also, I’m going to create a new section on my site for purely technical things. Hopefully that will provide some valuable content.